How Should I Talk About My Lung Cancer?

I’m not a social person but it doesn’t bother me. When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I became even more isolated. One reason is that I didn’t know how to talk to people about my cancer. Later, I also noticed that my colleagues didn’t know how to talk to me either. How can I talk comfortably with people, especially those don’t have cancer?


My friend HaoPei (斐皓) is a Stage 4 lung cancer patient, 37 years old. This picture was taken by him when he traveled in rural China after his diagnosis.

3 thoughts on “How Should I Talk About My Lung Cancer?

  1. I hope that more people read your posts. Those words truly come out of your heart. You make people learn a thing or two. So, keep it up.


    1. Only when you get this disease, you understand what stigma is. The article aimed at 2 types of people: 1) Chinese who think lung cancer is like death sentence, and thus don’t talk about it in front of patients; 2) For non-Chinese, it’s not known what lung cancer is about. To talk about lung cancer is very important.


  2. Lung cancer is caused by the mutation in Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). When cells reproduce and replicate, they divide into new cells, forming identical cells and the growth process takes place. In this way, your body is in the process of constantly dividing and renewing itself.
    lung cancer rapidly grow and that’s not good here is information about Lung cancer
    Halecraze research for it


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