Thoughts on the Movie “The Farewell”

“The Farewell” is an award-winning movie made by a Chinese-American filmmaker in Hollywood. It’s about a Chinese grandma who had stage 4 lung cancer and her whole family returning to China from abroad to say goodbye. The catch was that the entire family knew their grandma would die soon except they kept this information from her. The story took place when the family, especially the 2 sons and grandchildren in the US and Japan, struggled between the Chinese culture and the American culture. This movie maked me laugh and cry at the same time. Christine gave a review of the moive in connection with her life.


My friend HaoPei (斐皓) is a Stage 4 lung cancer patient, 37 years old. This picture was taken by him when he traveled in rural China after his diagnosis. I’m grateful for HaoPei’s generosity.

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