Let the Journey Begin.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer metastatic to the brain six years ago, and my current condition has been stable. I’ll celebrate my sixth cancerversary this month. I’ve documented the cancer journey in my blog [1]. After quite a while, I decided to start a new journey, i.e., my journey of personal growth combined with my cancer journey. 


I have experienced some profound life changes recently besides lung cancer. I’m often thinking about what made me become me and how was my life before and after lung cancer. I also become interested in spirituality, especially after my lung cancer diagnosis. I want to look at my life from a new angle, not what my parents expected from me, not what society wants from me, but what I want to be and what has made me become me.

Connected with Lifebook from Jon & Missy

As I started my soul searching, I was in a pretty chaotic state with so many things to think about- my childhood, adolescence, adult life, current and future life with cancer. I also started to find information about personal growth from YouTube, master classes, TED talks, and finally, landed on LifeBook by Jon & Missy Butcher [2]. The reason why I choose LifeBook has much to do with Jon’s personal experiences that resonated with me, and I felt a good match with the concept of Lifebook.

Lifebook is a lifestyle design system supposed to empower me to envision, plan, and achieve my best life. It’s an intuitive step-by-step process, and I’ll discover in all 12 dimensions of my life and design a personal game plan to make it happen [2]. So for the first time, I paid $500 USD to register for a six weeks course.

Before the course started

First, I did a Lifebook Intra-spect Assessment. There are several questions of each category, namely, Health and Fitness, Intellectual, Emotional, Character, Spiritual, Love, Parenting, Social, Financial, Career, Quality of Life and Life Vision. I think AI (Artificial Intelligent) is used to evaluate the assessment.

My life quotient is exceptionally high, and my current level is excellent, definitely above the top 10%. I’m not surprised or thrilled because being a professor for so many years, it’s expected. However, reading through the final report about my assessment did surprise me. You will see in the following several articles. The self-assessment is meant to compare with the one after the course to have a quantitative comparison. So I’m not going to show it here.

After the self-assessment and before the course started, I watched the two-hour videos about what the course will cover, some experiences from previous clients, insights into making the Lifebook, and the logistics.


So far, the course is exciting and quite promising. Jon has 30 years, and Missy has 20 years of experience in Lifebook. It appears they know what they were talking about from my observations. I’m also impressed with the self-assessment. I’ll keep writing about my experience with the Lifebook in the following articles.


[1] Christine Wu, Prevailing with Lung Cancer, https://wordpress.com/view/prevailingwithlungcancer.blog

[2]Jon & Missy Butcher – Lifebook, https://courseupload.com/lifebook-with-jon-and-missy-b200321/

Photo from Lifebook online, Jon & Missy Butcher (https://home.mindvalley.com/quests/en/lifebook-online)

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