Journey 1: Changing the Perspective of Health & Fitness

We started “Lifebook Online [1]” one week ago with the topic of “Health & Fitness”. Very routine, I initially thought. However, when I listened to Jon talking in the video, it clicked in me and changed my opinion about health and fitness. Jon developed the Lifebook from his experience during the past 30 years.

I did OK in Health & Fitness categories or did I?

My Intra-Spect Assessment Report shows my score above the average, which is about right. I exercise regularly since I got lung cancer. It includes going to the gym (bicycling and walking for 1 hour and five days), PingShuaiGong (PSG, a Chinese soft martial art, twice per day for 30 minutes each and seven days per week) and meditation (15 minutes per day and seven days per week). I exercise, but I can’t say I enjoy it.

I’m a so-so eater. I have a healthy breakfast, like two eggs, one glass of soybean milk, one banana, one apple and one toast with peanut butter for 5 or 6 days per week since I got cancer. I usually don’t eat lunch. I have everything at dinner as an average person, like chicken, beef or fish. If I have the urge to have ice cream or cake, I go for it. We often have dinner outside or order food. I’m not fond of eating the vegetable. 

It isn’t easy to be a disciplined eater for me. Also, I have a secret that when lung cancer patients die, most of them have weight loss badly from my observations. So I always told myself that you are lucky to keep the weight. Sometimes I used it as an excuse.

What changed me?

The first thing I learnt is that the twelve categories listed in the report are connected. Jon further explained how health and fitness are connected and affected to intellectual life, career, parenting. I just finished the Intra-Spect Assessment, and those 12 categories are what I strive for excellence. After deep think, I was convinced that health and fitness are as important as other categories. 

The following fact that intrigued me was that since health and fitness are equally important as other categories, we have to spend time and energy working on it. It’s like a light shining on me. Indeed, I didn’t want to “waste” my time cooking and exercising in the past. They came second to me comparing to career, intelligence and parenting. But now I can’t afford to take the consequence, so I force to exercise and to keep the diet. The root that I don’t take seriously about health and fitness is because I don’t believe it as important as intelligence, career, parenting.

Wow, it’s eye-opening. I finally understand why I don’t take health and fitness seriously.

What actions did I take?

“Lifebook Online [1]” caused me to think a lot. It’s not anything I haven’t heard before, but this time, it’s like singing in my ears. I believed now health and fitness as important as other categories, so I should treat them as I treat career, intelligence and parenting. 

I start to work on the diet. I decided every day I drink vegetable juice. I consciously spend more time in the kitchen to prepare supper. Also, I’m mindful about what we are going to eat. Amazingly, it’s enjoyable. 

Next, on fitness, I walk in the park whenever I can. Due to the COVID-19, the gym is closed. I moved the Cubii under my desk so every day, I can exercise Cubii for 1.5 hours still working meanwhile, I keep my other exercise as usual.

The main difference is I feel meaningful and enjoyable keeping health and fitness. It’s no longer what I have to do but what I want to do. 


What intrigued me is connecting health and fitness with all eleven categories on my Intro-Spect Assessment Report. Since health and fitness are equally important to each category, I need to spend time on them. It’s simple, but now, it’s enjoyable to keep my health and fitness due to this awareness. 

We have started “Lifebook Online” for ten days now, and I have done the “Health & Fitness [1]” diligently. I hope it lasts long.


[1] Jon & Missy Butcher – Lifebook,

Photo from Lifebook online, Jon & Missy Butcher (

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